uptown that flourishes


Our Vision

We desire to see an Uptown whereby faith, justice and imagination we make family out of strangers, friends out of enemies and wholeness from brokenness.


To display the goodness and peace of God to our neighbors.




We believe the greatest opportunity the Church has is to extend unimaginable hospitality to our neighbors. We value hospitality in the deepest way; offering a space where we extend the very things that refresh us.



It is, perhaps, our differences that go most underestimated. While some try to create uniformity, we believe unity is a far better pursuit. God’s desire is not to flatten our differences, but empower us to wrestle through them and discover Jesus, the Redeemer, who binds us together in the face of them.



We believe in news that changes. The life and words of Jesus are profoundly transformative and to those walking in the way of Jesus, they too are extensions of that transforming power. In the journey of making all things new, God has extended the invitation to join Him toward that end. We are agents of renewal.