The commitment to unconditional obedience

To and From, an exploration of the journey of biblical discipleship. 

This week, Luis Savery, shares thoughts and reflections on this week's message. 

This past Sunday spoke into the heart of our Christian journey. 

We often speak about trusting with faith, serving in joy, and freedom in the Lord. That is rarely connected to a challenge, sacrifice and discomfort. If you are anything like me, you struggle to keep God at the center. We instead pin Him against our desires, priorities, and aspirations. Control feels comforting, so I decide daily to put my priorities first. Ultimately, the heart of the sermon preached was; are we willing to take our hands off of our lives?

I don't have the strength and if I'm honest, I don't desire to be obedient. It often feels like a downward spiral in my life, where my desires seem to be winning. 

Discipline allows you to go against what you desire.
— Pastor Rich

Pastor Rich also mentioned that our walk is marked by obedience. 

Questions I asked myself: 

  • What disciplines am I building into my life that lead to obedience?  
  • What visible marks am I leaving that show evidence of my obedience? 

Tonight the community group @167 started with the question: What is freedom? Money, Peace, Truth, or liberty to do everything? We soon realized that true freedom is having the right restrictions, not so much getting anything we want. 

The fish must honor its design. It is designed for water, not for land. Real freedom is finding the right restrictions.
— Tim Keller

You can't be courageous and keep a hand on your life. We want to do so much for God but forget that he has done it all. God has given us everything we need in Christ, but we still fight to show him we are worthy of His love after He said we can't earn it. Am I obeying because of the love He demonstrated or am I obedient because I want to prove that I am worthy? 

We live our Christian life as if we need to earn God's love and be acceptable in his sight. In reality the verdict is in Not Guilty. Now we respond because of that love he showed us. Jesus is the lawyer who fought for us in court but instead of defending us when we were guilty he took the penalty himself.