The Revolution of Suffering

For the last few weeks we've been studying the book of James which emphasizes a faith that is not only in our hearts but manifests itself in our actions and behaviors. 

Anna Perez, CCF leader, shares her thoughts and impressions of this sermon.

How could our suffering start a revolution?

Isn't it interesting? We know suffering to be inevitable, but are crippled by it when it arrives. I must say, when I saw the title of this week's sermon, it seemed unconventional but it drew me in. How could our suffering start a revolution? How could our world be transformed? Was I ready and willing to let my life be used for the revolution? 

On Sunday, Pastor Rich said that "suffering is the greatest weapon we have to change the world." Have you considered your suffering to be a weapon? I don't know about you, but at times I've felt that suffering was the very weapon against me. For me, this sermon was challenging and refreshing at the same time. As someone that can confidently believe in Jesus, I can be comforted in knowing that He not only suffered ultimately, but suffered well for my sake. He laid down His life and did not go down kicking and screaming. His suffering was public, humble, powerful, and not in vain. 

His suffering was public, humble, powerful, and not in vain.

Have you not seen purpose in your suffering? Think about what you're going through. Is an opportunity there? A chance to repent and mend a relationship. A chance to sacrifice for another. A chance to lay down our comforts for another's benefit. A chance to search God deeper and hear His voice? Pastor Rich said "the purposes of suffering are far beyond anything we could imagine," - who knows how we can play a part in the revolution?