Sermon Summary: Wisdom and Folly

Photograph by David Siglin

For Whispers of Wisdom, our learning series for the month of July, we are exploring simple yet practical applications of our faith. As we study the book of Proverbs, we're asking people from our community to give impressions, highlights, convictions and/or lessons learned from the sermon.

This week Tiarra Hamlett, a deacon at CCF, shares thoughts/reflections on the last sermon of the series.

Man, was I wrong. I don’t hate sin, I dislike it. I don’t hate offending God, I just feel disappointed in myself for doing so.

The Whispers of Wisdom series began and ended around the reverential fear of the Lord.  Ruben preached that fearing the Lord sprouts not from terror or intimidation, but rather begins with a sovereign respect for God, an earnest desire to honor him, and a hatred of sin. 

Hearing Ruben preach such truth was deeply convicting as I've considered myself a person who hates sin and who grasps the magnitude of fearing the Lord: appreciating and basking in His sovereignty, His holiness, and His goodness.  Man, was I wrong.  I don't hate sin, I dislike it.  I don't hate offending God, I just feel disappointed in myself for doing so.   

Because I entertain sin on a daily basis and justify it in my life, God is just in letting me feel condemned and broken before Him.  He is just in letting me feel true terror and fear at His wrath. He is just in reminding me that I don't understand - and will never grasp - His sovereignty and holiness.  But being the good, good Father that He is, He spares me daily.  Instead of feeling condemned, I feel convicted.  I feel welcomed to come before Him without cowering in fear.  I feel loved. 

To fear the Lord is not to walk through life with a daily reminder of how you will always fail Him; it’s to walk through life understanding that despite your daily shortcomings, you can still go before your Father.