Uptown Chronicles: Coffee Shops

Uptown Chronicles is an installation that showcases what we love about our city. 

This month, Suleky Roman shares her favorite coffee shops in Uptown NYC.

Taszo Espresso Bar

image: Taszoespresso.tumblr.com

image: Taszoespresso.tumblr.com


Cozy ambiance, yummy espresso, and one of my favorite Iced Soy Chai Latte.  The owner is also friendly and very hospitable! Check them out at http://www.taszo.com/.


Indian Road Cafe 

image: OnTheGrid.city

image: OnTheGrid.city


Indian Road Cafe is a farm-to-table cooking restaurant and cafe/bar located near the beautiful Inwood Hill Park. I love their Harney and Sons tea. However,  their Mochaccino is my ultimate favorite - not too many places have mastered them but Indian Road got it right! 


Sweet Life Pastry


I have been visiting this bakery everyday this week! The iced coffee is just perfect. I always order it with my egg-and-cheese sandwich. It's a family owned business so be prepared to be served by the entire family.  Ignacia, the owner, has become a dear friend and never fails to say she's misses me when I don't swing by. If you are looking for good cup of coffee, this is your spot! 


The Chipped Cup (Hamilton Heights) 


This gem of a place has captured my heart! It's the cutest, coziest spot ever. I have walked through snow, sleet and even hot scorching days to grab an iced coffee, iced chai or even just an espresso. I love their pastries too! They have a backyard where you can sit and read a book, bring a friend, or even have some good devotional time. Great spot.


Estrella Bakery 


I love going to this bakery in the morning for their cheese-filled sweet bread (pan de queso). It's so soft, yummy and pairs nicely with a cafe negro (black coffee). They are famous for their chicken noodle soup that I think may be better than my grandmothers! It's so good that it's usually gone by noon!