Sermon Summary: Esther 8

At CCF we are currently in the middle of a learning series called From The Silence: a study of the book of Esther. Each week, we're asking people from our community to give impressions, highlights, convictions and/or lessons learned from the sermon.

This week Julissa LaFontaine, Cedar Ave Community Group Leader, shares thoughts/reflections on Episode 7 of our From the Silence series:

“While Esther’s advocacy has the power to inspire us, Jesus’ advocacy has the power to transform us”
— Josmel LaFontaine

I sat there on Sunday in awe, trying to imagine and experience, with all of my senses, the illustration presented to us: 

“Imagine you were standing a short hundred yards away from a dam of water - 10,000 miles high and 10,000 miles wide. All of a sudden that dam breaks. A flood of water crashes toward you. Right before it reaches your feet, the ground in front of you opens and swallows it all… That’s what Jesus did for us. He took on God’s wrath, in our place”.


I don’t know what 100,000 miles compares to, but as I imagined the water right in front of my eyes, I could almost feel the coldness of the water coming near, and suddenly all of the water was swallowed by the gap in front of me. This Sunday’s sermon focused on the inspiring advocacy of Esther and the transformative advocacy of Jesus. Esther was courageous in pleading for the salvation of the Jews who were going to be exterminated. Jesus advocated for us with the Father so that we wouldn’t have be separated from God. He advocated so that we could stand guiltless in front of the Father.

What made this illustration all the more real to me? It wasn’t the capacity of imagination, though I have an active one - rather, it was realizing that the massive flood rushing to consume me was what I actually deserved. It was a sweet reminder that God’s forgiveness was costly. He didn’t simply say “you're forgiven” and went on being God. Jesus stood in that gap…He WAS that gap that swallowed the punishment that should have been mine. Esther’s advocacy for her people is very inspiring, but Jesus’ advocacy has transformed me. 

It was a sweet reminder that God’s forgiveness was costly.