Sermon Summary: Esther 9 & 10

At CCF we are currently in the middle of a learning series called From The Silence: a study of the book of Esther. Each week, we're asking people from our community to give impressions, highlights, convictions and/or lessons learned from the sermon.

This week Lupe Mariscal, 167 Community Group Leader, shares thoughts/reflections on Episode 8 of our From the Silence series:

Pastor Rich asked a great question Sunday afternoon:

“What would you do, if you finally had power over those who made your life difficult, those who oppressed you, hated you?”
— Pastor Rich Perez, Esther: God's Amazing Reversal

This question really challenged me. At first, my veneered nature wanted to say the Christian thing: "Love them as I love myself". But then reality sank in. Who am I to think I am better? I am just as flawed and inherently sinful as the next person who has been created "in the image of God.” If Mordecai and Esther became the very enemy and oppressors they once feared (Esther9:1-17), I have that same possibility too.  

Then, the gracious solution was presented : Acknowledging Christ-like love and prayer are the only means of responding when we have power (mastery) over our enemy. God will confront us in our sin, compelling us to respond in worship (repentance and confession), inviting us to enjoy Him (fighting for joy) while securing us for eternity (giving us everlasting peace).

There is reason to rejoice TODAY for what God has done YESTERDAY and will do TOMORROW
— Pastor Rich Perez, Esther: God's Amazing Reversal