Sermon Summary: Esther 7

At CCF we are currently in the middle of a learning series called From The Silence: a study of the book of Esther. Each week, we're asking people from our community to give impressions, highlights, convictions and/or lessons learned from the sermon.

This week Bryan Perez, a Worship and Community Group Leader shares his thoughts on Episode 6 of our From the Silence series:

It was amazing to witness the stark contrast between the use of power and its effects on the people that surround you.
— Bryan Perez

These were 3 main points that impacted me the most from the sermon on Esther 7. 

1. Power without vulnerability ALWAYS oppresses.

2. Power through vulnerability always delivers.

3. Power doesn't corrupt, it reveals.

It was amazing to witness the stark contrast of how power is used and its effects on the people that surround you. On one hand you see how Haman's blind self-exaltation and worship allowed him to lead with a heavy hand. He used fear as a tool to make others do what he wanted. He flaunted the fact that he was the right-hand man of the king to get others to do what he wanted. Haman was not vulnerable in the least and had no true friends but rather many people who feared him.

On the other hand we see the vulnerability of Queen Esther. She was supported by a whole people group and also knew that her greatest weakness would be her strength. Esther didn't love power but loved people, which was the fuel she needed and allowed for her people to be delivered from evil.

Lastly, I love the way power is described. It reminds me of the verse that says that "love for money is the root of all evil". Everybody knows money can be used for good and for evil. It's really good to make that distinction so people with a lot of money don't feel condemned or convicted because they have a lot of money. It is once they focus on the acquiring of money, then it becomes a sin. In the same way the love for power becomes evil because you hunger and thirst for it when it shouldn't be your god.


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