“Profile of a Protagonist” is a recurring blog post with the goal of allowing readers to hear how fellow saints engage in the Gospel and see God’s love lived out. 

Meet Alicia Akrie!

Tell me a little bit about yourself.

Whenever I read or hear 'tell me about yourself', I begin to think that it's a competition to tell the most random things about yourself to be both memorable and interesting. Ready, set, go!! I am 26 years old, and I've been living in New York for just over 2 years. I come from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and I have 3 siblings and 2 amazing parents. When snowed in, my family and I have barbecues. My family has a group text called "Trap house". (boom) My favorite color is cerulean blue although there I've decorated with a lot of pink. I like my natural nails long and my hair short. I played softball with a summer league every summer for 15 years. I prefer a barber to do my fade, and I'd choose french toast over pancakes. I love to brainstorm and I am my friends' biggest cheerleader. I have watched every episode of Frasier a million times, and I've never been out of the US although I do have my passport. My mom is Trini and I'd love my first trip to be to Trinidad and Tobago. I enjoy run on sentences and random conversation, but in an effort to not continue in this pursuit of trivia forever, I'll stop here.

How do you see God in this city?

In this city, one of the biggest ways I've seen God is His reflection in people. There is a beauty in seeing the freedom and happiness people have when they are completely captured by the Lord. New York may be 'glamorous' and beautiful but it's also cramped, stressful and competitive. Seeing how people navigate that with grace but confidence in who God has called them to be shows an inner reliance on their Creator, not circumstance.

How do you use your crafts in the city?

Since living in New York, God has given me the privilege of working in the field that I love-fashion! I am a designer, and the Lord has really used me to be an advocate for His standard of beauty. Outside of researching trends, concepts, color fabric etc., my consistent prayer is that God show me how He wants me to design for His people. God is the most elegant yet powerful Creator, making Him also the master of design. I always pray that while I'm designing, God would give me His vision for every piece. Secondly, because I'm an extrovert, I love people. I mentioned being my friends' biggest cheerleader above but I also love just seeing God in His people. I feel like the Lord has given me the ability to engage in-depth with people, and I pray I can always point people back to Him in those interactions.

How specifically has New York City impacted your walk?

Living in this city will make you realize how much you really need God. I feel like He is constantly showing me how much I try to do things on my own out of my own small strength. New York is bringing me to a new place of complete reliance on God and His provision. And not just financially, but also in who I am as a person and my actions. Most people here are fighting for a chance to be called into the spotlight of 'making it'. God is showing me how to still be an individual and to still go after my goals but to keep Him as my ultimate prize.