Profile of a Protagonist: Ruben Ramirez

Tell me about yourself:

I was born and raised in Washington Heights. Both of my parents are Dominican, and I was brought up in a Spanish-speaking home. I therefore speak the language and embrace the culture. I've been a believer for 5 years now, though I was raised in a church since I was born. I love to paint and draw. I love theology. I love Jesus.

What Ruben didn't tell you:

Ruben is an excellent leader at CCF of one of our small groups. He does an excellent job facilitating conversations and urging people closer to the Gospel. He is engaged to a wonderful woman and getting marred later on this year. He's an active member of the community and his family.

How do you see God in this city?

I see God flipping the city upside down. This is the most skeptical place when it comes to Christianity. I've seen God change that in the past few years, where believers aren't running from tough conversations, but diligently and faithfully defending the hope they believe in. I see God working in the hearts of people who blaspheme His name, and through His use of the church, have them praising His name.

How do you use your craft for God and His glory?

I have a blog,, in which I use my artistic skills and my writing skills to talk about Christian topics. And, by God's grace, I serve in my local church as a community group leader.

How has New York City specifically impacted your walk with Christ?

This city hates God. It genuinely does. Politically, practically, and socially- God is either an imaginary friend that loves everyone, Mr. Irrelevant, or dead. Living amongst all this has helped strengthen my hope in Him. It has pushed me to seek His word more and to learn how to defend the hope I believe in.

Yet I still see God working in the midst of this unbeliever's metropolis. I see it in the conversations I have with my co-workers, the people speaking on the train,and in the rise of young believers in the city.