Profile of a Protagonist: Suleky Roman

“Profile of a Protagonist” is a recurring blog post with the goal of allowing readers to hear how fellow saints engage in the Gospel and see God’s love lived out.

Tell me about yourself:

"My name is Suleky Roman. I'm a Dominican chick from Washington Heights, NY. I am old, 26 years old to be exact. I have a big family - I'm the eldest of 8 children and I love them all. I enjoy coffee, tea, and I love walks in my neighborhood. I have made a living as a freelance events coordinator. My favorite things to do on the weekend are see live music, eat Thai food, and enjoy a pumpkin muffin in the fall. Oh wait, most importantly I love Jesus."

What Suleky didn’t tell you about herself:

Suleky is a fiercely talented events coordinator (see SulekyRomanEvents). Suleky's love of music and passion to see the gospel news shared has led to amazing collaborations with the biggest names in the Christian Hip-hop music community. She is a loyal friend who is willing to ask the tough questions and dig deep to push you to Jesus. She has been a member of CCF from its inception. She also is your go-to person for everything lipstick and Washington Heights (even being dubbed “Miss Washington Heights” by her friends).

How do you see God in this city?

I see God in the city when I random acts of kindness on the train or when strangers seek to comfort others who are hurting due to social injustices. I see God in the way a body of people can come together and gather from all walks of life and pray. I see God when these same people acknowledge each other and help one another during tragic situations like 9/11. On a lighter note, I see God when the Macy's Thanksgiving Parade comes along.

How you use your crafts in the city for God?

I see event coordinating as my main craft and vessel for displaying Christ in the city. I use events to showcase the Gospel. My goal is to put Christ on the stage through having artists who love God perform. I usually do Hip Hop events but eventually I want to have all types of worship events. I serve by connecting people to one another in the kingdom and those in the arts.

How has NYC specifically impacted your walk with Christ?

New York City has impacted my walk with Christ by revealing to me the actual brokenness in mankind, then showing me the urgency to help people come to Christ. It has shown me how much I need to stay rooted in His word so I am not swayed by the things around me that seem appealing. NYC's diversity and culture have taught me a lot as well. It helps me picture the beauty of how worship will look in Heaven.