Profile of a ProtagonisT: Breehan Pfeiffer

“Profile of a Protagonist” is a recurring blog post with the goal of allowing readers to hear how fellow saints engage in the Gospel and see God’s love lived out.

Tell me about yourself:

“I am a 26 year old living in Washington Heights. I am a transplant to the city from East Tennessee. I am a night shift nurse at an ER here in New York. I love lots of things including University of Tennessee football, sparrows, C.S. Lewis, reading, writing, travelling, laughing, blue sour patch kids, music, Zumba, Chick-Fil-A, and Christmas. My family and friends mean the world to me (I feel like I am writing a profile for but seriously, it’s the truth! I became a Christian at the age of 13. My life is now a constant state of repentance and reliance on my Savior while freely living in all the blessings He has bestowed on me.”

How do you see God in the city?

“Coming from a city where I associated God with nature, it took a while to see God here in New York City. There’s not a lot of grass and nature here (minus the occasional subway rat) so I had to find Him in other ways. It became clear that Jesus was present in the people. His goodness and grace are laced into every story whether the storyteller realizes it or not. It’s evident that every person in this city is looking for someone or something to fill a void in their life. This city offers promises of grandeur through fame, power, money, love, and acceptance. Yet I’ve noticed that while the longing is completely justified, the means to filling it with these things is wrong. The need for God to fill these holes is evident. God is present and willing to make us whole. A hard truth both Christians and non-Christians need to learn.”

How do you use your craft for God and His glory?

“I feel like there are two gifts God has given me that I pray I can use to ultimately point others to Him. My first craft is being a nurse in the ER. While it is the toughest job I have ever had, both physically and emotionally, it is one where I can see a difference daily. I get to see lives being saved every day and see just how amazing and precious life is. I know I am in this job to not only be a hand to hold for someone during an unexpected and unpleasant time in their lives but also for my co-workers. My beliefs in the value of life, who controls our lives, and the importance of giving your all at your job are often times vastly different from my coworkers and provides opportunities for me to talk about the Gospel. My other craft is writing. I have always loved writing and have been doing it as long as I can remember. While I have a personal blog where I write about what it is like for a small-town girl to move to the big city (, I am so excited to be assisting with this blog. If one phrase or thought spurs someone to dig-in, reflect and seek God for answers, then every moment of writing, editing, re-editing, and formatting will be worth it.

How specifically has New York City impacted your walk with Christ?

“While my walk with Christ has grown exponentially by being pulled out of my comfort zone to move to the city, the biggest impact has been on my cross-cultural awareness and social justice. I live in a part of the city where most of the people are not from the same background as me and often do not speak the same language as me. I have loved seeing how God is present and active in the lives of different cultures and how these cultures respond and worship Him. In observing and living alongside these cultures I’ve been learning about the injustices they face. Living here has put faces, names, and stories to injustices that are present in today’s society. When racism or poverty are now your brother, neighbor and/or friend, you have no choice but to respond. We are called to fight for injustices. This city and its people have taught me specific needs and actions to take to help fight these injustices.”