The Family of God

Parents, siblings, aunts and uncles...You’re committed. You’re bound by deaths, births, and a history of “story” that’s uniquely your own. You’re committed because you’re blood. At CCF, we have something special here - a sense of family that embraces “other” because we share the commonality of Jesus’ blood. We’ve been adopted by the same Father.

The Harvest Field

As a Christian I must fight for justice. I must love as Christ loved, without expectation and regardless of reciprocation..regardless of my victories, disappointments and even hurt; that I would remember that it's not with my might or power but with the spirit that I will be able to continue to advocate no matter the cost.

Russians are the Most Privileged Immigrants

I am the most privileged immigrant because I have the option to enjoy aloofness and detach myself from other minorities. I can live quietly and make no noise and continue to patiently prosper without the blame of the white man. I can let other people fight their wars and participate not at all, because only a fool takes up arms against someone else’s enemy.